Dhanu Saveeta is the founder of the Limitless Woman of Wealth brand: a global coaching and mentoring space that launched in 2023, bringing her gifts and over 25 years’ experience to the online space, in emotional intelligence, self-mastery, somatic experiencing and leadership. Dhanu also holds thousands of study hours in human development, trauma & addiction recovery, psychotherapy, business, law, marketing, change management, energy medicine, crystal therapy, sound therapy, plant medicine, and shamanism.

Dhanu helps individuals and large organisations to grow and evolve, from the inside out.

Dhanu’s clients range from mothers, coaches, mentors, healers, and new entrepreneurs to 8/9-figure business owners, because she understands the scaling between individual and large corporate organisations and the respective keys to success and excellence. “It’s all about self-mastery, personal growth and evolution, and having that crystal clear purpose or mission and vision, but the alignment for individuals and organisations is the same.”

“I have over 25 years’ experience helping large organisations scale into the billions on an international level, so applying the same principles and strategy to individuals is easy for me. But, whether you’re an individual or an organisation striving for success; childhood trauma, emotional wounds, and stress, will block you, or your workforce, from excellence, trust, knowing, faith, creativity, innovation, imagination, fun, compassion, kindness, love, teamwork – ELEVATED EMOTIONS – all the mindset work, energetics and ‘feels’ we need to manifest our dreams and desires into the physical reality through the quantum field of infinite possibilities.”

The main difference between working with individuals and large organisations, is ‘beliefs, patterns, programs, and behaviours’ for individuals, and ‘policies,  procedures & performance management’ for large organisations, but ultimately it all comes down to the alignment of purpose or mission, vision, values, strategy, goals & objectives (individual or department), thoughts, emotions, behaviours, mission, and vision, whilst utilising and developing skills and gifts, and creating a personal or business brand around the culture, ethics, and energy of the alignment.

“We want our leadership and entrepreneurial roles to be fun and easy, but there’s a lot of elements at play, so having an easy breezy outlook on life is key (good job that’s my human design profile!). Once again, childhood trauma, emotional wounds, and stress will block us from ‘easy breezy’. In an organisation I would create a ‘Stress in the Workplace’ policy and we need to apply this at an individual level too, by way of planning our own wellbeing strategy. We need to balance work and play and not staying awake till 2am every night working on our business just because we love it - your body, mind, and spirit, WILL NOT. I know - I'm an excessive workaholic and I know stress and burnout!"

At any level, preventing stress and burnout by maintaining a healthy work-life balance is absolute key! The second we’re into overwhelm and burnout, the nervous system is on over-drive, we can switch into 'fight or flight' survival and fear mode, the creative, thinking brain, the neo-cortex, shuts down, alongside our creativity, innovation, and imagination – everything we need to be pioneers and trailblazers in our field to rise above the competition and noise. The way to rise above the competition is to be rare, unique, and limited edition, so we must learn to avoid stress and burnout by incorporating ways to relax in peace, nature, and stillness so we can access and channel limitless intelligence through our higher Self and Source energy.

We break down the goals and objectives at either an individual or organisational level to create workflow into the different focus areas between masculine and feminine energy – the offer suite, the marketplace & client, niche, self-value & leadership, self-awareness, world-class value & customer services, social media platforms, content strategy, digital marketing strategy, website, visibility & advertising, legal, finance, technology, brand, artwork, self-development, emotional intelligence, manifesting & healing, coaching & mentoring style, beliefs around money and wealth, and our capacity to receive and to celebrate wins in ourselves and others.

"THIS IS A LOT TO MANAGE! An organisation would break this down into departments. Individuals and entrepreneurs to begin with have to manage this alone (hence the ease of burnout!)"

The next stage is becoming self-aware and conscious of our own skills gaps and undertaking an ongoing learning needs analysis in our personal development plans. In larger organisations we scale further into organisational design, organisational effectiveness, and more advanced management and leadership, manifestation, mentoring skills, and selling through energetics and role modelling. 

“If you want unconventional results, you have to shift into unconventional ways of thinking, being, and doing. We’re multidimensional beings energetically connected with the entire universe; we’ve got it all to tap into."

To get crystal clear on your purpose or mission, you have to get laser lucid clear on YOURSELF and this is where you will need the courage to face yourself and your shadows and nurture this connection to yourself as the key to the universe, like YOU ARE THE ONE. This is where you’ll conquer your trauma and emotional wounds, through self-love. 

"Tapping into our gifts is an inside job looking at THE SELF in terms of worth, value, respect, belief, courage, confidence, conviction, standards, boundaries, awareness, consciousness, forgiveness, communication skills, relationship building, ability to receive, and becoming our own authority. Authority raises the external job around false confidence and our levels of people-pleasing and co-dependency on others and external situations. This is where we're attached to the outcome."

As heart-centred entrepreneur, a large part of Dhanu’s teachings are in thought leadership, emotional intelligence, mindful & compassionate leadership, wealth energetics, relationship building, and all of the above!





"I was born and raised into generational trauma in an infamous Indian commune, disassociated and disconnected from myself . After navigating decades of anxiety, depression, stress, disassociation, addictions & everything related to childhood trauma, I discovered that the most valuable relationship we can ever master, is the one with ourselves through emotional intelligence. YOU are the key to everything that matters to you. Limitless wealth is an inside job!" (Dhanu Saveeta)


"I went from being LIMITED, disconnected, and manifesting decades of trauma, stress, addiction, and domestic abuse, to being LIMITLESS, connected, and activating my wealth codes. I was carrying the deepest wounds and the weight of a broken heart. I wasn’t able to be myself and I didn’t know who I was, let alone what my gifts, purpose, and mission were so I could activate my wealth and light codes. That’s why I designed my signature programs, to help others like me."

I WAS BORN AND RAISED IN THE INFAMOUS COMMUNES OF OSHO, IN INDIA AND THE UK by parents and adults healing their own trauma and addictions. As generational trauma goes, I downloaded my parents’ psychological trauma by way of childhood core emotional wounds of abandonment, betrayal, and rejection and I soothed my pain through self-abuse and addictions. After breaking this cycle in my lineage, I'm here to role-model that wealth is an inside job.

I was ultimately raised in poverty by a single, loving mother, and two siblings and I’ve experienced pain and suffering on a deep level, but luckily, I was also raised with shaman, naturopathic doctors, and spirit. I'm here to change wealth paradigms for women, by showing you how to activate your wealth codes so you have more options, choices, and opportunities for growth and evolution in this lifetime.

In my coaching and mentoring, we activate our wealth and light codes by journeying through our shadow world to integrate with our lost soul parts, or our fragmented psyche, also referred to as ‘the void’. The shadow world, or our underworld, is where we find our truest, highest destiny and our natural gifts. I call this our 'Psyche to Source' journey.

My name means, Woman of Wealth (Hindu) and Loving Rainbow (Sannyas). I'm 'mama' to my son, Khin, and we share a house with our fur baby, Zelda, a Belgian Malinois.

From around 5, I was raised in poverty by a loving single mother, with two siblings (Venu and Rupa).

I’m naturally called to help put big money and wealth in the hands of women with big hearts. I love easily and I see everyone through a compassionate lens because my heart is open. It didn't used to be!

My family and I travelled from country to country, from school to school so much that I didn’t have many friends as a young child, so I was socially awkward and I was bullied.

I learnt to love my own company, privacy, and space so I could connect with spirit and I hung out with animals, nature, and the elements more than humans.

By 8 I was experiencing disassociation and spirit communications, 11, addictions, 18, domestic violence and abuse, and I spent my life working with shaman, spirit, and the akashic records in my recovery.

I used to manage anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, and  suicidal thoughts on a daily basis, until I learnt about gratitude and manifestation through the quantum field. I learnt to love the life I have by reprogramming my brain and my life changed in a second when I realised I was creating my own reality based on my thoughts and emotions. 

I manifested wealth and gifts in abundance out of nowhere, that just didn't make sense until I realised I was born wealthy and nothing has changed.

As a young child I was fuelled with anger, shame, guilt, and blame. I stuck my fingers up in a big eff-you to society and our government systems. I was told at school I had a bad attitude and wouldn’t amount to anything unless I ‘did as I was told’, so I left at 15. I wasn’t born to be controlled and told what to do. So I went to night school to learn international finance law (yawn).

I loved music, so I became a DJ at 15 too. But, I was told, ‘Girls can’t DJ’. I became the first female DJ in my home country, on the front of newspapers, UK TV, and radio. By my 20s I was DJ’ing on an international level and producing my own records while learning about the sound waves and frequencies at a school of sound and audio engineering in London. I was constantly questioned, “Who wrote your drums for you?”, Who engineered your track?”, “Who did your artwork?” – I did everything myself. I was creative, fun, playful, and free.

In relationships, I allowed people to abuse and control and manipulate me and I became a people pleaser, co-dependent on others. 

I took my arse out to Shaolin in China to learn kung fu with the Shaolin monks and reconnect with myself.

In my 30s, I learnt about serious domestic violence and abuse and heavy addictions. I experienced multiple miscarriages too. I never had anyone to talk to about my experiences, I just kept my heart space and vulnerability closed and my anger levels open.

Constant loss taught me to love what I have.

Since 2014 I've raised my son as a single parent. I studied human resource management and development at post-graduate level while he slept as a baby, at the same time working in the corporate world in human resources, law, finance, digital marketing, and business. When my son was born, I went through a huge spiritual awakening and dark nights of the soul - he is my absolute number one.

I studied and healed with shaman, a psychic, an akashic records reader and galactic historian, plant medicine, crystals, feng shui, nature, diet. I continued to study trauma, addiction, psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, child development for adults, neurodiversity, change management, emotional intelligence, feminine energetics, anything I could study for my own self-development so I could master my own gifts and help others.

I lived a life of fear and I didn't feel worthy or valuable, so I studied to avoid the pain and loneliness. I got married for 6 weeks until I changed my mind - I no longer resonated with the frequency of abuse so I broke the cycle. 

More recently, I’m one with a lineage of shamanic Womb Keepers and Stewards of Life called the Rite of the Womb, which is part of the Munay-Ki initiations. We teach that as Goddess, as limitless beings, our wombs are not a place to store memories of pain and sorrow, but portals of life and creation.

The shame and guilt that some of us are carrying is a heavy and lonely burden and it’s time to release and let it go if we want to come home to wholeness so we can reclaim our wealth and light codes.

I became a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner with The Four Winds Society so I could hone my psyche gifts with spirit and help others, whilst raising my son in conscious parenting. I have gained over 500+ study hours’ in psychotherapy, including at Gabor Maté’s ‘Compassionate Inquiry’ school of trauma and addiction. I was my first student.

I’m here to break toxic cycles and paradigms for women in wealth. I’m a catalyst for positive change. I go first, and the universe responds.

I’m here to help humanity to transcend and raise the energetic vibrations on our planet towards the 5D shift and a new world.

I help people and organisations to change from the inside out.

I'm fearless in the face of trauma and helping people to unpack frozen emotions, no matter what you've been through. I'm here to help you with whatever you need help with.

Love Dhanu xDS